Licenced electrician – Our licences and memberships

Quik Electrical Services is a fully licenced electrician and holds the following licences and accreditations. If you require further information on our licensing status, please contact us.

Accredited Master Electrician

Quik Electrical Services are accredited master electricians and have been so since 1979. Master Electricians such as Quik Electrical Services are recognised as the best in the business. Our membership indicates that we provide the highest levels of quality, safety and efficiency.
Master licenced electrician Brisbane - Quik Electrical

Arctick certified

Quik Electrical is Arctick Certified meaning our technician are qualified and accredited to service equipment containing refrigerant gases. Our Arctick licence number is AU00519. For more information please visit Arctick Logo - Quik Electrical is Arctick Certified

Electric mechanics licence

An electrical mechanic can perform all electrical work, such as:

  • install or change an overhead electrical line
  • install electrical wiring
  • repair any electrical equipment.

Our electrical mechanics licence number is C5953

Electrical contractors licence

An electrical contractor licence is needed if you are providing electrical work for others as a sole trader, in partnership or corporation. Our electrical contractor licence number is 4660

ACRS Master Cabler

All cabling work, including telephone, data, fire and security alarm systems cabling, that connects or is intended to connect with the telecommunications network must be performed by an ACRS registered cabler, or under the direct supervision of a registered cabler. Quik Electrical Services is an ACRS registered cabler meaning we are recognised as  have undertaken appropriate training modules to ensure that they are competent to perform the cabling work according to the Wiring Rules (Australian Standard AS/ACIF S009), which ensure safety to consumers, cablers and the network. Our ACRS licence number is 3049


Blue card

We hold a Blue Card which enables us to work in environments where children are present, such as day care centres, sports facilities, schools, etc. A Blue Card is a key prevention and monitoring system of people working with children and young people. Our Blue Card licence number is 0726892. Blue_Card_logo

High risk work licence

A high risk work licence is required for certain high risk work activities such as operating cranes and hoists, forklifts, rigging and dogging, scaffolding and using pressure equipment. Quik Electrical Services high risk work licence number is 0003184561