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Safety Switch v Circuit Breakers/Fuses

Safety Switches and Circuit Breakers are Different Things

It is important to realise that Safety Switches and Circuit Breakers or Fuses perform two quite different functions.

Safety Switches protect People

Safety Switches are designed to protect people from any electrical current that might leak from a damaged circuit. Once a leak is detected the safety switch turns off the current within milliseconds and so protects you from electrocution.

Circuit Breakers and Fuses Protect Circuits

Circuit Breakers and Fuses on the other hand are designed to protect the circuitry from damage due to surges and spikes in current. The following video outlines the differences.

Lelectrical safety switch on off positionsike to know more? See our article on safety switches


USB charger outlet installation

USB charger outletQuik Electrical now installs and  supplies the brand new Clipsal USB charger outlets/points.

These Australian designed USB charger outlets are built to handle Australian  conditions. Clipsal’s innovative 30 Series USB Charger Mech provides an adaptable, efficient and reliable solution.

Great for charging all your USB devices – phones, tablets, ebook readers – pretty well any USB powered device. Use as you would the manufacturer’s original charger.

Up to three USB charger points can be fitted per wallplate. Full range of stylish colours and combinations available.

  • Single USB plate installed for $125 (ex GST)
  • Power point plus USB charging point $155 (ex GST)

Give us a call on (07) 3341 7522 to talk about the best configurations and options for your home or office.

Read more about the Clipsal USB charger outlets over at Clipsal’s website.

Understanding your electrical safety switch

An electrical safety switch is one of the most important life saving devices you can have in you house.

How does an electrical safety switch work?

Am electrical safety switch monitors the electrical circuit and automatically shuts off the power when it detects current leaking from the circuit. Faulty switches, wiring or electrical appliances can be the source of the electrical leak.  Your safety switch protects you by cutting off the electricity before it has a chance to pose a hazard and cause damage or injury.

Electrical safety switches are real life savers and are compulsory in all Queensland houses and in the majority of workplaces.

Where is my electrical safety switch?

The electrical safety switch in your electrical meter box.


Using your electrical safety switch to track down electrical faults

If your power goes off then your electrical safety switch may have tripped. Have a look around and see if other properties have power. If you’re the only one affected then its time to have a look at your safety switch. Be on the alert for obvious signs of damage to electrical appliances or cords or smell of electrical burnout. At all times be safe

If your electrical safety switch has tripped it will be in the ‘Off’ ‘O’ position.

Resetting the switch

First try to reset the safety switch by switching it to the ‘On’  ‘I’ position

electrical safety switch on off positions

What if the safety switch won’t reset?

If the switch won’t reset (i.e. it trips again) then you need to isolate the cause of the fault. Turn off all power points and lights and unplug appliances. Check for obvious faults such as damaged cords, electrical burn out etc. If in any doubt or safety is a concern call an electrician.

Use a process of elimination to track down the fault

With all points and appliances disconnected try again to reset the safety switch. If it resets successfully start plugging in and restarting appliances one at a time until the switch trips again. At this point you have found your faulty appliance. You can then decide what to do about the faulty appliance – have it tested, repaired or replaced.

If the safety switch doesn’t reset

If in any doubt please call us at Quik Electrical for quick and efficient response to any electrical problems

More info on electrical safety switches

Queensland Government Electrical Safety Office Fact Sheet – Electrical safety switches save lives

Queensland Government Electrical Safety Office




Underground fault detection

underground fault detectionDo you need underground fault detection  to help pinpoint your electrical fault?

Burying electrical cables underground improves safety and the appearance of your property. But when something goes wrong, finding the  fault can be a problem. In recent years portable underground fault detection devices have become more widely available.

Quik Electrical Services has underground fault detection units that can pinpoint an electrical fault to within one metre. This means we can dig at the precise location of the fault and make repairs more efficiently. This saves you time and money. Best of all it accurate underground fault detection keeps your landscaping intact!

If you are have an underground electrical fault give Quik Electrical Services a call on 3341 7522.


More info about underground fault detection

For more detailed information on how underground fault detection and cable location devices work take a look at this article.





Vermin proof electrical installation

Vermin proof electrical installation saves you money in the long run.

vermin proof electrical installation

Gecko causes electrical failure

We love wildlife as much as the next person. But when wildlife gets in your electrical installation then wildlife becomes ‘vermin’.

Animals can cause significant damage to expensive electrical installations. Animals love to set up house in the nooks and crannies where your wiring is located. The warmth and seclusion is particularly attractive to reptiles, birds and rodents.

Vermin proof electrical installation should be considered where there is a risk of animals interfering with your electrics. Consult with Quik Electrical Services on options for vermin proof electrical installation.

If you would like to get the full picture on vermin proof electrical installation and other building work we found a great PDF here.

Avoid costly hot water system repairs this winter

hot water system repairsHot water system repairs are a real inconvenience, especially in winter.  Take some time to do a few simple hot water system maintenance tasks and you can help reduce the chance of a breakdown.

The start of cooler weather is a good time to do these checks on your hot water system. Colder weather can increase the chance of hot water system breakdowns due to  increased electrical loads.

Maintenance you can do

To avoid costly hot water system repairs and electrical breakdown activate water reverse valves by pulling the lever to allow water to reverse and test that the valve is working. In convection style hot water systems pull water ‘fill valve’ till tank is full and water is released at overflow.

If you are unsure of the procedure then refer to your hot water system’s instruction manual

Going away – Turn your system off to save power and reduce wear

If you are going away on holidays or the house will be vacant for an extended period turn your hot water system off to save power and reduce wear on the system.

In addition to these basic maintenance tasks that the home owner can perform,  Quik Electrical recommends a program of professional hot water system maintenance.

If you have any hot water system problems call Quik Electrical on 3341 7522

More info on hot water system maintenance and repair have a look at this set of FAQs from Rheem – Rheem hot water system repair and troubleshooting guide