Electrical Services

Delivering the Full Range of Electrical Services – Installations, Maintenance & Breakdown Service

Quik Electrical are specialists in all electrical services including installations, alterations, additions and electrical breakdown repair for commercial, industrial and domestic customers.

No matter what your building or renovation project, effective planning  of your electrical installation is essential. At Quik Electrical we work with you to design the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your specific needs.

Electrical contractor licence no. 4660


Electrical breakdown service

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When you’re faced with an electrical breakdown or appliance failure you need help straightway. At Quik Electrical we provide a 24/7 electrical breakdown and appliance repair service that you can count on. Our close-knit team of electricians is available to attend to your requirements day or night in a range of locations throughout South East Queensland. Put us to the test and you’ll find just how responsive an electrical breakdown service can be.

Underground cable fault finding

Underground electrical cables have become more and more common over the years. While they conveniently hide away electrical cabling the downside is that cables and faults can be difficult to pinpoint. Underground cable fault detectors have made this job a lot easier. Quik Electrical Services is equipped with the latest cable fault finding technology meaning we can rapidly locate damage to underground cabling so we know exactly where to dig. Just one more way Quik Electrical can save you time and money in diagnosing electrical faults.



Electrical testing using thermal imaging 

Quik Electrical offers our customers the latest in thermal imaging equipment that we use to diagnose electrical faults before they become costly failures. Thermal imaging technology allows us to locate and isolate problems and move quickly towards dealing with the problem.