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Brisbane Southside Emergency Electrician – 24/7 Breakdown Service

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The large proportion of our work is urgent call-outs and they have never let us down in this capacity and all work has always been carried out in a prompt and efficient manner.

Robert Greasley – Managing Director, Rochedale Turf

Emergency Electricians You Can Rely On!

If you have an electrical breakdown or appliance failure you need an emergency electrician right away. Most of all you need to know that your emergency electrician will show up!


Electrical breakdown in aircon caused by gecko

Quik Electrical provides a 24/7 emergency electrician service that you can count on. Whether you are a residential, commercial or  industrial customer our team of emergency electricians will be there  day or night.

Quik Electrical provide an 24/7 electrical breakdown service across:

  • Brisbane South, South East and South West
  • Ipswich
  • Scenic Rim
  • Lockyer Valley.

Put us to the test! You’ll find just how responsive an emergency electrician service can be.

Electrical breakdown warning signs

Avoid needing to call an emergency electrician in the first place. It’s always better to deal with faulty electrical circuits and appliances before they fail.

Be on the look out for these warning signs of electrical breakdown:

  • burning smells coming from appliances, switchboards and power outlets
  • discolouration of  outlets, switches and cabling
  • flickering or ‘shimmering’ lights
  • power fluctuations

The winter months can increase the risk of electrical breakdown due to the increased loads caused by heating appliances

Preventing electrical breakdowns

Calling on an emergency electrician service is a last resort. Here are some tips for preventing electrical breakdown:

  • Maintain your electrical circuits and equipment and have them inspected on a regular schedule.
  • Ensure your premises are fitted with an electrical safety switch
  • Don’t operate equipment beyond its rated capacity and always follow manufacturer’s instructions
  • Do not overload power points by piggybacking multiple double adapters and power boards

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