Avoid costly hot water system repairs this winter

hot water system repairsHot water system repairs are a real inconvenience, especially in winter.  Take some time to do a few simple hot water system maintenance tasks and you can help reduce the chance of a breakdown.

The start of cooler weather is a good time to do these checks on your hot water system. Colder weather can increase the chance of hot water system breakdowns due to  increased electrical loads.

Maintenance you can do

To avoid costly hot water system repairs and electrical breakdown activate water reverse valves by pulling the lever to allow water to reverse and test that the valve is working. In convection style hot water systems pull water ‘fill valve’ till tank is full and water is released at overflow.

If you are unsure of the procedure then refer to your hot water system’s instruction manual

Going away – Turn your system off to save power and reduce wear

If you are going away on holidays or the house will be vacant for an extended period turn your hot water system off to save power and reduce wear on the system.

In addition to these basic maintenance tasks that the home owner can perform,  Quik Electrical recommends a program of professional hot water system maintenance.

If you have any hot water system problems call Quik Electrical on 3341 7522

More info on hot water system maintenance and repair have a look at this set of FAQs from Rheem – Rheem hot water system repair and troubleshooting guide